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What Should I Do If I Spot A Hornet Nest On My Tucson Property

What Should I Do If I Spot A Hornet Nest On My Tucson Property

Of all the types of stinging insects, hornets are some of the most dangerous. Not only are they generally more aggressive than wasps and bees, but they are also more difficult to get rid of. If your property has been invaded by hornets, it is crucial that you understand what type you are dealing with, learn six steps to deter hornets you can use, and discover how you can get rid of them safely and effectively. If you suffer from a hornet infestation, Pest Friends provides quality pest control in Tucson you can rely on.

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Hornets vs. Wasps: The Key Differences

While they are considered similar, there is a significant difference between bees, wasps, and hornets. Hornets are striped yellow and black and are actually a type of wasp. Non-hornet wasps, on the other hand, can also be red or black. They also are usually more slender than hornets and bees. Both wasps and hornets build paper-looking nests out of wood, and both are considered a lot more aggressive than bees. Bald-faced hornets are some of the most aggressive of all types of wasps and hornets. If you see these stinging insects on your property, it is safer to stay away from them as they can sting even without being faced with a real threat.

Are Hornet Stings Dangerous?

While insect bites and stings are generally dangerous to people with allergic reactions, hornet stings can be dangerous to everyone because they release a lot more venom than a honeybee or other types of wasp. A hornet sting will, at best, cause swelling and pain that gets better within 24 hours, but it can also cause severe allergic reactions that will require immediate medical care and can be deadly. If you get stung by a hornet and are experiencing symptoms such as throat swelling, vomiting, or dizziness, it is important that you call 911 immediately. Because hornet stings can be life-threatening, do not attempt to remove a hornet nest on your own. Instead, a professional pest control company can help you get rid of it safely.

Six Steps To Deter Hornets In Tucson

Once hornets have built a nest on your property, it is very difficult to get rid of them. However, there are some steps you can take to try and deter them while you consult with a professional company to understand how to control wasps and hornets in Tucson. Remember that due to their size, hornets release a lot of venom with every sting, and they can attack in groups. The following six steps can help you deter hornets:

  1. Hornets and wasps are attracted to light sources, so be sure to turn off lights at night that might attract them to your house. If inspecting a nest to determine if it is currently being used by active hornets, do so late in the day or very early in the morning, and try doing so without a light.
  2. A solution of soap and water can help deter hornets. However, spraying hornets can cause them to sting you in large numbers. You can spray an old nest to prevent hornets from using it again.
  3. Essential oils from cloves, geranium, and lemongrass, have been shown to repel wasps and hornets, but be sure not to use the blend directly on them. Instead, use it around your property to prevent hornets from coming too close.
  4. Keep all garbage cans clean and sealed. Hornets are attracted to sources of food, and removing all leftovers and rotting food will help keep them away. 
  5. Use products designed to deter hornets. For the best types for your specific situation, contact a pest control company that can advise you. 
  6. Contact a professional pest control company to help remove and deter wasps.

While these tips to help deter hornets will give some relief, they are only temporary until you consult with an expert who can help you get rid of hornets safely. Of all the flying insects that sting, hornets are some of the most aggressive, and their venom can require emergency medical care. Removing a hornet nest on your own can be potentially dangerous and is strongly discouraged.

Hornet Removal For Tucson Residents 

If you are looking for advice on how to control wasps and hornets in Tucson, it is best to consult with a professional company such as Pest Friends. With the proper treatment plan, which might include removal of the nest, specific insecticides, and routine treatments for your property, you can get rid of hornets safely and effectively, and keep them from returning to your property.

Hornets are much more dangerous than bees or other kinds of wasps, and their venom can cause serious medical problems. If your property has been invaded by hornets, do not attempt to remove the nest on your own. Instead, contact a pest control professional. The team of experts at Pest Friends in Tucson can help you get rid of hornets for good.

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