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spider control in tucson

Spider Control Tucson, AZ

Spider Control Tucson, AZ

Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Tucson Home

In Arizona, there are plenty of spiders, but two species are of particular concern. Arizona brown spiders and black widows are both active in Tucson and the surrounding areas, and both can cause severe symptoms in those they bite. Arizona brown spiders typically cause a spreading sore at the bite site that can lead to necrosis. Black widow spider bites affect the nervous system.

Although these two types of spiders tend to be reclusive and only become aggressive if they feel threatened, you do not want them on your property. Because these spiders like to live in somewhat hidden locations, you can come upon them accidentally, startling them and causing them to bite. If you’ve seen spiders on your property or in your house, Pest Friends can get rid of them for you.

Spider Web Control Tucson, AZ

Spider Control From Pest Friends

Spiders spend much of their lives on or close to their webs, which they create in crevices, under rocks, and in other hidden locations. In order to eliminate these pests from your property, the goal of Pest Friends is to search out and find their hiding spots.

Once we know where the spiders are spending their time, we can treat those locations so that the spiders can no longer live there, eliminating active spider infestations while also preventing new ones.

Spider Control Specialists Tucson, AZ

A Spider-Free Home Is A Safer Home

While many spiders are relatively harmless, a couple in the Tucson area can cause serious issues when they bite. If these spiders have found their way onto your property, it’s time to do something about them. Pest Friends’ spider control services will seek out and eliminate the dangerous spiders on your property so that you won’t have to worry about them. Contact us today to request your spider control service.

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