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tick control in Tucson

Tick Control

Tick Control

Protecting Your Family & Pets From Dangerous Ticks In Tucson

Ticks are well-established in the Tucson area. Three species are common here, and one is a major concern. The brown dog tick is not only a parasite that causes serious issues for our canine friends but can also spread illnesses, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, to our family members.

Protecting your family and your pets from ticks is essential to their health. Pest Friends provides tick control services to eliminate the ticks in your yard so that you won’t have to worry about spending time outdoors or bringing them into your house.

Tick Control From Pest Friends

Ticks are unique pests because of their ability to go long periods without a meal. A brown dog tick can go up to three months without a blood meal in the nymph stage. After becoming adults, they feed as quickly as possible, and their preferred hosts are dogs, but they can go up to 18 months without a meal, and they’ll feed on humans if necessary.

Between their meals, ticks find hiding spots in cracks and crevices to spend their time safely. In order to eliminate the ticks on your property, your Pest Friends technician will search out the cracks and crevices where ticks may be hiding on your property. We’ll treat these areas to eliminate the ticks.

A Tick-Free Yard Is Within Your Grasp

Ticks have been a growing problem worldwide, and they have been an issue in the Tucson area for years. Don’t spend your days worrying about having ticks on your property. Instead, contact Pest Friends. We’ll eliminate the ticks on your property to make it a safer, happier place to spend time.

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