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Rat Control in Tucson

Pack Rat Removal Tucson, AZ

Pack Rat Removal Tucson, AZ

Managing Pack Rats In Tucson, AZ

Pack rats are very different from the other rodent species in Tucson. These pests spread kissing bugs, fleas, and lice, introducing your family to illnesses like hantavirus, plague, and allergic reactions. Protect your family from these vicious rodents with help from the crew at Pest Friends.

Pack Rat Removal Tucson, AZ

How Pest Friends Removes Serious Pack Rat Infestations

It’s no secret that pack rats are some of the most invasive pests in the Tuscan area. At Pest Friends, we have been experts at the proper removal of rodents and their families for many years. Below is the Pest Friends 3 steb process for pack rat control in residential and commercial spaces.

1. Identify the nest and trap the nest for no less than 24 hours but no longer than 72. It is important to catch the pack rat that lives in the net prior to removing the nest. If the nest is removed without trapping the nest, the pack rat will rebuild in close proximity. If the pack rat is trapped and the nest is left open for more than 48 hours there is a good chance that a new pack rat will move in. The key is to catch the pack rat and remove the nest immediately after.

2. Treat the nest for kissing bugs. Kissing bugs are the parasite that live off of the pack rat. They are a blood sucking parasite that has the ability to cause Chagas Disease in humans after being bit. Chagas is dramatically under reported and linked to heart disease. It is important to treat the nest for these because without the pack rat on the nest, they will migrate towards the house. This is also why you do not want to use poison. If you remove the pack rat but not the nest, the kissing bug will move off the nest looking for a new source of food and that can lead to home infestations.

3. Remove the nest properly and safely. While removing the nest, remember that it is also a very common home for the rattle snake as well as kissing bugs. Wear the right PPE and be very aware when removing the nest of your surroundings. Finally after the nest is removed, treat the area around the nest to dispose of the smell and signs of occupancy left behind by the previous pack rat. This will minimize the chance of other pack rats smelling the old urine and trying to rebuild.

Curious to learn more? Pest Friends is standing by to assist you with your pack rat problem. Call us today.

Preventing Pack Rats From Returning After A Treatment Service

Once Pest Friends has helped eliminate pack rats from your property, it will be time to establish prevention steps that keep them far away from the building. Check out some of these tried-and-true pack rat prevention tips for Tucson and beyond. 

  • Homeowners in high-risk areas may want to consider preventative “rat-proofing” to protect their home, garage, pool heater, spa, and other buildings. 
  • Proper thinning and trimming needs to be done near rat nesting areas to prevent new activity. Remove all debris, and locate and fill any hidden underground chambers. 
  • Store bird and pet food in strong plastic containers.

For additional information about proper pack rat control, get in contact with the experts at Pest Friends.

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Pest Friends has the tools you need to get and stay pack rat-free, from inspections and protections to spot treatments and traps. Call us today to book your first consultation, or submit an online contact form to get in touch with a pro now.