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Mosquito control services in Tucson

Mosquito Control Tucson, A

Mosquito Control Tucson, A

Are Mosquitoes A Problem On Your Tucson Lawn?

Because you usually find mosquitoes in wet or high moisture areas, you wouldn’t think Tucson’s semi-arid climate would lend itself to a large mosquito population. Unfortunately, though, these pesky little insects have found a way around our lack of moisture. The Aedes Egyptian mosquito has found a way to call the Tucson Foothills home by learning to live in the drip irrigation of our desert environment.

If you deal with mosquitoes on your Tucson lawn, you’re not only in danger of being annoyed by these buzzing pests but also at risk of contracting an illness through their bites. Pest Friends offers mosquito control services to our customers to get mosquito populations under control so that you can enjoy your evenings outdoors again.

Mosquito Pest Control Tucson, AZ

Mosquito Control From Pest Friends

Using our knowledge of the Aedes Egyptian mosquito and how it has adapted to life in the Tucson area, Pest Friends has developed a mosquito control program that reliably eliminates the majority of mosquitoes from your property.

The main goal of our program is to address the breeding sites of these mosquitoes. We will inspect your property to identify these areas and treat them accordingly. Once we treat the breeding sites, the larvae can’t develop into adult mosquitoes.

Additionally, our mosquito control program targets adult mosquitoes to provide better and more immediate results. Adult female mosquitoes need moisture while they’re waiting for their blood meals. You’ll usually find them sucking the juices off of the underside of leaves around your home. We target these resting areas to eliminate the adult mosquitoes that try to spend time there.

Enjoy Your Evenings Outside With Pest Friends’ Mosquito Control

If you’ve ever been driven inside by hungry mosquitoes or ended up with dozens of itchy bites after an evening outside, you know how negatively these insects can impact your life. With mosquito control from Pest Friends, you don’t have to live with swarms of them on your property. We can drastically reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard so that you can spend time in your backyard without irritation. Contact us today to schedule your treatment.

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