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Commercial Pest Control Tucson, AZ

Protecting Your Tucson Business From Pest Threats

Running a successful business takes a lot of time, hard work, and knowledge. Any issues that arise can lead to problems that make your success much harder to come by. Ideally, you would stop issues before they start, which is exactly why Pest Friends was founded. Our four founding members, who have experience creating and developing over 20 businesses, asked the question, “Why do I have to wait until I have a bug problem to get help?

By offering proactive pest control solutions to the businesses in Tucson and the surrounding areas, Pest Friends can stop pest infestations before they begin. If your business is experiencing a pest problem or if you want to make sure you never has to deal with pests and the problems they cause, we deliver modern, eco-friendly, and innovative pest control plans.

Commercial Pest Control From Pest Friends

As a locally owned and operated business, the technicians at Pest Friends are very familiar with the pest activity, construction types, and the environment in our region. We use that knowledge to perform a thorough inspection of your business in order to discover existing problems and identify conditions that might invite future issues with pests.

We then perform a customized treatment on your facility’s interior and exterior, relying on naturally occurring products expertly placed by our highly trained technicians. Our first treatment will eliminate active pests while also setting the stage for protection from future pest threats. Our philosophy is that we can stop pests from the outside by creating layers of treatment. We’ll return to your business on an agreed-upon schedule to maintain its protection.

Commercial Pest Control Team

Our Treatment Process

Pest Control Inspection Tucson, AZ


One of our knowledgeable technicians performs a detailed inspection of your business. As experts on local pests, our inspections identify not only pest activity but also conducive conditions.

Pest Control Treatment Tucson, AZ


Our first service of your business includes a full interior and exterior treatment. We use naturally occurring products that are safe for your employees, your customers, and the environment.

Follow-Up with Customers


Our follow-up treatments include exterior treatments to maintain layers of pest protection to keep pests out. We’ll work with you to develop a follow-up schedule that works for your business’s needs.

Additional Services Offered By Pest Friends

In lieu of our commercial and home pest control services, we are proud to provide the following services to our customers:

Learn more about these programs and services by clicking on the links above, or reaching out to us today!

Facilities We Service

Pest Control Services at Condos Tucson, AZ


When you share common areas and walls with other people, there’s always the risk that pests in their condo will end up in yours. Protect your home or rental space with the services of Pest Friends.

Pest Control Treatment Tucson, AZ


In the entertainment industry, impressions are everything. If people have a bad experience, they won’t return, and they’ll tell their friends. Keep your reputation pest-free with help from Pest Friends.

Pest Control Solutions in Restaurants Tucson, AZ


If pests get into your restaurant, they can sicken your patrons by contaminating the food, damaging your reputation, or even shutting your restaurant down. Protect your customers and your business with Pest Friends.

Why Pest Friends Is The Right Choice For Your Tucson Business

When it comes to commercial pest control, the choice is simple.

  • Pest Friends uses a proactive approach to prevent pests from getting into your business.
  • Pest Friends offers modern, eco-friendly, and innovative pest control solutions.
  • Pest Friends is locally owned and operated.
  • Pest Friends has over 35 years of experience in the pest control industry.
  • Pest Friends customizes our services to meet your business’s unique needs.
  • Pest Friends offers free inspections.
  • Pest Friends guarantees your satisfaction with our Pest Friends Guarantee.
  • Pest Friends is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.