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Clear Program

Clear Program

Optimizing Health In Your Tucson Area Home Or Business

Buildings are vital to our survival as they provide shelter and safety, but sometimes being indoors has its own problems and dangers. Many people are bothered by toxins, allergens, and odors found inside, whether in homes or other facilities. The sources of these problems can stem from many things, including germs, dust mites, pollen, and even decomposing insects.

If the health of you, your family members, your employees, or your customers is suffering due to contaminants found inside your home or business, you don’t have to live that way. Pest Friends offers our Clear Program to Tucson area homes and businesses. This program delivers a new level of clean that’s stronger than Lysol but as safe as hydrogen peroxide.

Clear Program From Pest Friends

Our Clear Program focuses on optimizing the health of your home or business. To get to the heart of the problem, our Clear Program uses a two-step cleansing method.

We begin by fogging the area with a product that works as an aggressive surfactant “soap.” This product leaves all the harmful particulates vulnerable.

We then use a second ingredient to break down the particulates to harmless levels, leaving them unable to cause further problems for your health.

The system we use is safe and effective for many settings and applications. It is used in the food industry, biosecurity, the military, and public safety settings. It works to kill pathogens such as COVID-19, anthrax, and more.

A Healthy Home Or Business Starts With Our Clear Program

When tiny particles not visible to the naked eye put your health at risk, it can be difficult to know what to do. Fighting pathogens with harmful chemicals is counter-intuitive. Instead, you can trust Pest Friends’ Clear Program to do the job safely and effectively. Our program works to eliminate the harmful particulates without adding to the problem with dangerous chemicals. For a safe, healthy home or business, contact Pest Friends today.

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