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scorpion control services in Tucson

Scorpions Pest Control Tucson, AZ

Scorpions Pest Control Tucson, AZ

Why are Scorpions Attracted To Your House?

While scorpions are commonly associated with dry and isolated climates, they can infest your home if you fail to take the necessary protective measures. Scorpions are attracted to flies and small insects because this is their primary source of food and prey. You can avoid your home becoming a magnet for scorpions by making sure you clean up any loose debris that may be lying around.

When most people think of scorpions, images of deserts and snake charmers come to mind thanks to movies like Indiana Jones. However, scorpions exist in urban, rural, and other areas, so it’s not uncommon to find one in your home now and then. One of the biggest things to watch out for when encountering a scorpion inside your home is that of being stung. Several things can attract scorpions to your home, although the most common factor is loose food on the ground. Scorpions eat a diet that mainly consists of small insects and animals, so things like having termites present in your home can also attract them. If you have a scorpion inside of your home and don’t know how to get rid of it, you’ve come to the right place.

Scorpions Control Tucson, AZ

What Attracts Scorpions In Your House?

Scorpions naturally prey on small insects and bugs like termites and flys. If you have a large concentration of these little animals around your home, chances are you will attract scorpions very easily. These sorts of animals are the scorpion’s prey of choice. They are known to flock to areas that contain an abundant food source for them and is one of the primary reasons why you may find them inside of your home. 

Four main variables will attract scorpions into your home, and it’s essential to know them so that you can avoid this issue. Here they are:

  • Moisture
  • Darkness/Lack of Lighting
  • Small insects that scorpions eat
  • Rotting wood/leaves

These are the four main factors that will play a huge role in attracting scorpions into your home. The good news is that not all hope is lost as there are several ways that you can get rid of scorpions that have made their way into your home.

How To Deal With Scorpions Inside Your Home

Understanding what draws scorpions into your home is only half the battle. Once they’re inside, getting rid of them is something totally different. Scorpions are very invasive and can make their way into just about any area of your home with ease.

Here are some tips that you can use to get rid of scorpions once they’ve made their way into your home:

  • Make sure that you don’t have any standing water lying around your property.
  • Seal any cracks or crevices which may lead into your home from the outside
  • Turn off your outdoor lights at night.
  • Clear away all bushes and debris from the perimeter of your home

Using these simple procedures, you can avoid scorpions forming colonies inside of your home with ease.


Use all of the tips and information that we’ve outlined so that you can be well equipped in the event that scorpions begin to invade your home. Now also serving the Catalina Foothills area. 

People Also Ask

  1. What kills scorpions instantly?
    Sharp objects such as knives can be used to immediately kill a scorpion if you find one inside of your home. Cats are natural predators of scorpions, so you might want to consider getting one if scorpions become too big of an issue.
  2. How are scorpions getting my house?
    Scorpions can make their way into your home through various places, including windows, foundation, underneath doors, and more.
  3. What to do if a scorpion stings you?
    In the event that you’re stung by a scorpion, you want to take an anti-inflammatory as soon as possible. Scorpion bites can lead to all sorts of problems such as swelling, numbness, pain, and more.