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Pest Control in Tucson, AZ

Pest Control in Tucson, AZ

High-Quality Pest Management For Home & Business Owners In Tucson, AZ

Founded in 1775, Tucson, AZ, is a great place to call home. We’re in the Sonoran Desert region, and there are giant saguaro cacti all around us, a well-known symbol of the American Southwest. Between the desert and mountain ranges, we get to enjoy a lot of scenic drives living here in Tucson. However, we also experience year-round pest activity, meaning all Tucson property owners are vulnerable to infestations. In order to guard your home or business against pests, it’s important to rely on the pest experts.

Pest Friends is your local resource for residential and commercial pest control solutions. We are a locally owned and operated company that is proud to service properties throughout the greater Tucson metro area. Our team is dedicated to preventative pest control, and works hard to change the pest control industry with proactive treatments using minimal chemicals. Our superb neighborhood reputation reflects our commitment to customer service and lasting satisfaction. Get in touch with us today to get started.

Residential Pest Control In Tucson, AZ

There are many lovely homes in Tucson, every one of them vulnerable to experiencing household pest activity. Our residential pest control solutions start with an extensive inspection to identify all pest activity and conducive conditions. Then, we perform a thorough treatment around the interior and exterior:


  • Use of naturally occurring products
  • Placement of boric acid to defend your home against roaches
  • Application of diatomaceous earth around bed frames to treat bed bugs
  • Sealing and treating active areas rather than spraying baseboards inside the house 


  • The layering of treatments around the yard to stop pests from the outside 
  • Use of low-impact baits and a full perimeter treatment 
  • Treating cracks and crevices where pests hide
  • Treatment of utility access points, door frames, and j-trim 
  • De-webbing and de-nesting around the house

If you’re looking for modern, eco-friendly pest solutions for your home, there is no method as effective as ongoing services from the pest professionals. It’s your neighborhood, and we’re here to give you the year-round protection against pest invaders you and your loved ones deserve. Give us a call to learn more about our total home pest solutions in Tucson, AZ.

How Dangerous Are Tucson Mosquitoes?

We’re all aware of how annoying it can be to get a mosquito bite, but how many of us really know the dangers of a mosquito bite? Mosquitoes pose a year-round threat for Tucson property owners. Why? Well, as vector pests, mosquitoes carry diseases and viruses which they spread to their hosts. 

When a mosquito bites, it injects saliva into your bloodstream. If the mosquito is infected, you can potentially contract a long list of vector-borne illnesses. Mosquitoes transmit both the Zika virus and West Nile virus, and the scary thing is, there’s no real way to know if a mosquito is carrying a disease or not.

That’s why we suggest getting help from a team of qualified pest professionals. Our team will effectively reduce mosquito populations around your Tucson property and give you ongoing coverage you can feel good about. If you suspect a mosquito infestation, call us right away, we’re here to help.

Four Reasons To Choose Professional Termite Control In Tucson

Termites pose a real threat to Tucson property owners, and the damage they cause can be detrimental, not to mention expensive. Securing help from the experts is the best way to guard your home or business from termites. Here are four reasons to choose professional termite control:

  1. These small wood eaters nestle into and cracks, crevices, and wood sources that only the pros can access. 
  2. Termites feed on the structural timbers of your property, weakening the construction from the inside out. 
  3. The large-scale destruction of your property by these pests makes it a hazard, putting everyone’s safety at risk.
  4. Termites nest and reproduce quickly, spreading their populations to multiple areas throughout the property.

Professional termite control is your safest approach to protecting your property from termite damage. The pest experts at Pest Friends can reach remote areas and provide effective treatments that you just can’t achieve on your own. Get in touch with us today to protect yourself from these destructive pests all year long..

Commercial Pest Control In Tucson, AZ

Owning a business isn’t easy, and things become exponentially more difficult when pests become part of the equation. No matter the business you’re in, pests can have a serious effect on your reputation, and that’s why professional pest solutions are the way to go. Pest Friends provides reliable commercial pest control solutions to businesses throughout Pima County and the surrounding areas. We’ve worked with a variety of commercial properties, including condos, restaurants, entertainment venues, and many others.

From our first inspection through each follow-up visit, our expert technicians dedicate themselves to providing pest-free results that last. Our commercial pest solutions give you year-round coverage from a variety of common area species, including ants, stinging insects, pigeons, cockroaches, rodents, scorpions, termites, spiders, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Call us today to learn more about our reliable commercial pest control solutions in Tucson, AZ; we’re here to help.

All The Problems Rodents Can Cause In Your Tucson Home

Don’t let their cute whiskers and fuzzy faces fool you; rodents can be a major problem for homeowners. The warm weather we enjoy throughout most of the year also means rodents remain active, and can drive them inside in search of food, water, and shelter from the heat.

Rodents in your home can cause property damage. They have teeth that are always growing, so they gnaw constantly to keep them sharp and healthy. They can chew through wood, drywall, and other important structures in your home. Rodents have even been known to chew through plumbing and live electrical wires, leaving your home at risk for fires and floods. 

If they property damage isn’t bad enough, rodents can be dangerous. They spread a variety of diseases including:

  • Salmonellosis
  • Hemorrhagic fever
  • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM)
  • Rat-bite fever 
  • Bubonic plague

Rodents can also trigger allergies in people who are sensitive, as well as contaminate food. A rodent problem in your home should always be handled by professionals. At Pest Friends, we know the exact steps to take to eliminate a rodent infestation and keep it from returning.

Tips For Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Tucson Home

Arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders, is constantly ranked as one of the top fears among Americans. Spiders have gained a reputation as a terrifying pest through Hollywood movies, Halloween stories, and other areas of our culture. Despite their reputation, aside from a few species, the spiders we have in Tucson aren’t dangerous.

Just because they aren’t dangerous doesn’t mean you want a large number of spiders in your home, though. Follow these tips to keep spiders out of your Tucson home:

  • Use screens to cover chimneys and vents.
  • Install weatherstripping around doors and windows.
  • Seal cracks and crevices in your foundations and exterior walls.
  • Keep garages, basements, and attics free of clutter.
  • Inspect items like groceries and boxes of decorations for spiders before bringing them inside.

Keeping other pests that are prey for spiders out of your home will also limit the spider population. A spider control plan from Pest Friends will prevent spiders from getting into your home, keeping it spider-free all year.

How To Keep Ticks Away From Your Tucson Property

If you own pets, you’ve probably pulled a tick or two off them after a day outside. You know they are bad for your pets, but ticks can also be a problem for humans. Ticks can spread Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, and babesiosis.

Keeping ticks away from your property can be accomplished by modifying the environment in your backyard to make it less hospitable for these pests. This includes:

  • Keeping bushes trimmed and grass cut low.
  • Removing weeds, woodpiles, and debris.
  • Reducing vegetation and leaving areas open to sunlight.
  • Keeping leaves and litter away from high traffic areas.
  • Using hardscape installations like pavers, paths, decks, and patios instead of vegetation.
  • Eliminating wildlife on your property that can carry ticks.
  • Using regular tick prevention treatments on your pets.

If you are worried about ticks in your yard, contact us today. We can inspect your yard and identify changes that can be made to keep ticks away. Our tick control service eliminates ticks that may already be in your yard. We can also remove any nuisance wildlife in your yard so they don’t introduce more ticks, making sure you and your pets can enjoy time outside without worrying about the diseases that these pests can spread.

Ant Prevention Tips For Tucson Homeowners

Ants are a common pest in Tucson. Our warm climate means they can be active and breed for most of the year. Because of this, it can feel like they are everywhere. It is normal to see them at parks, in your driveway, in your lawn, in your house, on sidewalks, and many other places. The good news is that a majority of ant species are a nuisance pest that won’t bite and pose little threat to humans.

Whether they are dangerous or not, they are not a pest you want in or around your home. Here are some tips to keep ants under control around your home:

  • Clean your home regularly.
  • Don’t leave food out on tables or counters.
  • Wipe up spills quickly.
  • Seal cracks and crevices in your walls and foundation.
  • Repair broken window screens.
  • Take out your trash regularly, storing it in a bin with a lid that seals.
  • Store food, especially sweets, in sealed containers.
  • Eliminate areas of moisture in your home by repairing leaky pipes and using a dehumidifier.
  • Keep your lawn free of debris that can provide nesting sites.

When it comes to ant control, there is no substitute for regularly scheduled, professional pest control. At Pest Friends, we can develop a pest control plan for your home that keeps it free of ants and other pests year-round, so ants won’t be a problem for you.