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The Problems With German Cockroaches In Tucson

The Problems With German Cockroaches In Tucson

Chances are, a German cockroach has crossed the path of nearly all southern Arizona residents. There are plenty of problems with German cockroaches in Tucson; the trick is knowing more about this enemy to defeat it successfully. Our helpful technicians at Pest Friends are trained explicitly in controlling German cockroaches in an eco-friendly manner.

What Are German Cockroaches?

Not all cockroaches are created equal. The German cockroach happens to be the most common type of this species to invade homes, businesses, and venues. Pima county homeowners can positively identify this roach upon sight.

First, look at the size. German cockroaches usually do not exceed 5/8 inch in length. Next, look at the color; these pests are medium to light brown. Finally, look for markings. A German cockroach exhibits two darkly colored stripes located a bit lower than the head.

The Problems With German Cockroaches In Tucson

These pests may be small in size but can nonetheless cause substantial issues. German cockroaches are the culprits behind many adverse effects on human health. These pests pick up bacteria and viruses that can cause various forms of gastroenteritis. Some people are very susceptible to allergic reactions from German cockroaches and their waste. Asthma attacks may even be brought on or further aggravated by this species.

One of the worst problems that piggyback with the arrival of German cockroaches is control. Once these pests find their way into a home, they are absurdly tricky to remove. This type of roach can reproduce quickly and live off the tiniest amounts of food. Spraying pesticides to try and kill this creepy crawler can backfire as they can disperse into even farther reaches of the structure. Additionally, eggs may be left intact, just waiting to hatch the next generation.

German Cockroach Prevention Tips

While it may not be possible to avoid this species altogether, it can pay homeowners by implementing a few steps.

  • Address Onsite Moisture: Roaches need water, and the German type is no exception. Thoroughly investigate areas of the home where moisture may be an attractant; the basement, under sinks, bathrooms, kitchens, and crawl spaces. Repair leaky pipes, fix any drips and add a dehumidifier if necessary. Don’t forget to check spigots and sprinklers outside to ensure they are in good shape.
  • Look For Possible Entrances: Inspect the outside of the dwelling and pay close attention to cracks and fractures that German cockroaches could use to come inside. Use a silicone-based caulk to seal up any of these holes or gaps. Install door sweeps on exterior doors and install window screens that are in good condition.
  • Maintain A Clean Home: Getting a home spic and span is an excellent start to deter German cockroaches, but the residence must stay clean for best results. All food preparation surfaces must be thoroughly disinfected every time after food is put away. All crumbs must be swept or vacuumed and disposed of, and frequent mopping is advised. Any dining areas should be treated similarly: kitchen, breakfast bar, and dining room table. Regularly wipe down windows and doors, dust surfaces throughout the home, clean floors, and sanitize bathrooms.

Pro Tip: Avoid eating in personal spaces to discourage encroachment from German cockroaches. It’s easier to keep bedrooms and common areas clean when food is removed from the equation.

Auf Wiedersehen German Cockroaches

If one German cockroach is spotted on the property, chances are there are many more that remain unseen. The problems with German cockroaches in Tucson can be easily solved with professional cockroach control from our knowledgeable technicians at Pest Friends.