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hornets in Tucson

Step-By-Step Guide To Keep The Hornets In Tucson Away

Step-By-Step Guide To Keep The Hornets In Tucson Away

Hornets are some of the most problematic pests to have flying around your yard due to their aggressive nature and their ability to sting repeatedly. Keeping hornets away from your property includes implementing prevention tips and investing in the help of Tucson pest control.

hornet up close

Hornets vs. Wasps: The Key Differences 

Hornets and wasps are two stinging insects that look quite similar, but their appearance has some key differences. It is important to note these distinctions, so you know which types of stinging insects you are battling on your property:

  • Hornets are usually larger than wasps, often growing up to an inch, while most wasp species stay around half an inch long.
  • Wasps are brighter in color, and yellow jackets are especially notable for their bright yellow and black stripes; hornets have duller brown and yellow stripes.
  • Hornets can be more aggressive and sting if you get too close when threatened. Wasps have a similar aggressive nature, but you are more likely to encounter this pest as you spend time outside – hornets aren’t as attracted to human food and drinks as most wasps are.

If you need help identifying which stinging insect is invading your property, you should contact us at Pest Friends for further assistance and control advice.

Are Hornet Stings Dangerous?

Thanks to this pest’s ability to sting repeatedly, hornet stings can be among some of the most dangerous stings to receive. If you encounter an aggressive hornet, you may receive multiple painful stings that can trigger allergic reactions, even for those who don’t have preexisting allergy issues.

This risk of being stung and having severe reactions is why keeping hornets away from your property is critical. Also, note that you should seek medical attention immediately if you have trouble breathing or swallowing after receiving a hornet sting.

Six Steps To Deter Hornets In Tucson

Putting these six expert pest control steps into place around your Tucson property can help deter hornet infestations and keep your property safe:

  1. Place a fake wasp or hornet nest on your property to deter real hornets from moving in. This insect is territorial and won’t settle near existing hornet nests.
  2. Seal trash bags tightly and keep trash cans covered to stop hornets from attracting the aroma.
  3. Address moisture issues on your property that may be creating excess water that hornets can drink from.
  4. Trim back overhanging foliage and branches that act as prime nesting areas for hornets.
  5. Treat pest prey issues that may bring hungry hornets in search of food – this pest is a carnivore, so infestations of cockroaches, bees, and ants may attract them.
  6. Plant hornet-deterring plants around your property, such as citronella, peppermint, and lemongrass, as the scents will keep this pest away.

These steps can help you deter future hornet infestations, but if you have an active infestation problem, you should contact Pest Friends for more help and safe, effective hornet removal.

Hornet Removal For Tucson Residents 

Hornet removal in Tucson is not generally something you should undertake yourself due to the more aggressive nature of this pest. At Pest Friends, we can help you address any hornet infestation on your property and complete removal safely so you can reclaim the outdoors and live without fear of being stung by this troublesome pest.