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scorpion control in tucson

Should I Worry About Scorpions In Tucson?

Should I Worry About Scorpions In Tucson?

Living in Tuscon, the main worry that most people have is the sweltering heat during the hotter periods of the year. In addition to the scorching heat, home and property owners in Tuscon should be aware of the threat that scorpions pose. These frightening pests are unfortunately common in Tuscon and across the state of Arizona and should be taken seriously if spotted on your property. 

Are Scorpions Dangerous? 

While there are many types of scorpions across Arizona, the most common species in the Tuscon area is the Arizona bark scorpion. This species of scorpion can be very dangerous due to the high amount of venom present in their sting and is the most dangerous species of scorpion in North America.

A sting from an Arizona bark scorpion causes severe pain and can potentially be fatal in certain cases. When stung, victims may experience numbness and temporary loss of function in the area of the sting. The serious threats posed by Arizona bark scorpions make them stand out from other species of scorpions in Tuscon, such as striped tail scorpions and rock scorpions, which can sting but are nowhere near as venomous. 

Do Scorpions Invade Homes? 

While scorpions are primarily an outdoor annoyance, scorpions will enter homes in search of food or water like many other types of pests. Scorpions are carnivores that feed primarily on other insects such as spiders, termites, and beetles. This makes it especially important for homeowners in Tuscon to practice general pest prevention techniques in their homes and on their properties to eliminate possible food sources for scorpions.

Another potential source of attraction for scorpions to invade your home or property is a source of water. Scorpions require water in order to survive, and water sources such as standing water in yard fixtures, leaking pipes, or damp rooms like basements are common attractants. 

Where Do Scorpions Hide? 

When scorpions do invade homes and properties they tend to stay out of sight and in cracks and crevices or other dark areas of the home. They are nocturnal and hunt at night, preferring not to come into contact with humans. Scorpions may look scary but are not aggressive towards humans. The majority of times that scorpions do sting people is when they mistakenly step on or pass by a scorpion’s nesting area. Some common places that scorpions tend to hide in include: 

  • Closets 
  • Bathrooms 
  • Under furniture 
  • Inside shoes 
  • Unfinished basements 

Many people have a fear of scorpions, and not only is it disturbing to see them scuttling around your house, but they can pose health risks for you and your family with their painful, venomous stings. If you see any signs of scorpions inside your house or anywhere on your property, feel free to reach out to our team of experts at Pest Friends. The highly trained and certified pest technicians at Pest Friends can help get rid of scorpions and give expert advice on how to keep your home scorpion and pest-free. 

How Do I Remove Scorpions From My Property’s? 

Practicing general pest prevention is effective at limiting potential sources of food that could attract scorpions onto your property, as well as repairing any cracks in your home that could serve as entry points for scorpions. However, if you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation of dealing with an infestation of scorpions, professional pest control and extermination services are required.

Luckily, Pest Friends, a local Tuscon pest control company, is here to help with scorpion infestations and any other pest problems you may face. Pest Friends has been servicing Tuscon and the surrounding areas for over thirty-five years by keeping homes and businesses safe and pest-free. Call us today if you have seen scorpions in your home. We guarantee a superior customer service experience and offer free, no-obligation inspections.