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Pest Bird Solution For Your Tucson Business

Pest Bird Solution For Your Tucson Business

Tuscon is a great place to live and run a business for many reasons. It has great people, plenty of sunshine, and many sites of historical importance. However, one downside that many business owners in Tuscon face is the variety of problems that pests can cause. Of these problematic pests, birds are one of the more common pests that business owners deal with on a regular basis. 

Why Pigeons Are A Problem 

Pigeons are the most common type of bird that will invade businesses and commercial spaces in Tuscon. Like many other highly populated cities, pigeons are attracted to Tuscon primarily due to many sources of food. While they are mainly considered a nuisance pest, an infestation of pigeons or other birds can cause potential health hazards, particularly through their droppings.

Pigeons are extremely unhygienic animals and are even known to carry more diseases than rats. Having pigeons invade your business can be highly disruptive to customers and employees. They will flutter and fly around the property, make noisy and distracting sounds, and can create unsightly messes by strewing their nesting materials about. Diseases that are known to be spread by pigeon droppings include cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, and psittacosis.  

Why Birds Nest Around Your Business 

There are many reasons that birds may choose to nest around your business. Birds prefer to roost on flat surfaces such as rooftops and window ledges and often prefer the relative safety that many properties afford them to build their nests. In addition to nesting, birds will frequent commercial spaces if there are abundant food sources present such as in restaurants and simply as a safe place to socialize with other birds. 

Signs to look out for that may indicate your property has a bird problem include: 

  • Scattered debris and nesting materials 
  • Large congregations of birds around your business 
  • Frequent bird noises around your property 
  • Frequently finding bird droppings around your business 

An infestation of birds can be very disruptive to the operation of your business, as well as present possible health risks for those on your property. Reach out to Pest Friends if you think your business is dealing with a bird problem. Our bird control experts can advise you on the necessary next steps to keep your business bird-free. 

Why Professional Bird Control Is Important 

While practical bird control methods and prevention strategies that businesses can practice themselves are important and effective at reducing the chances of infestation, professional bird control is essential for business owners in cities like Tuscon. In addition to the disruption that birds can cause for your business and the potential health risks, these invasive pests can cause property damage as well. Birds can claw and peck at parts of your property, causing ugly cosmetic damage. Bird droppings are corrosive in addition to being vectors of disease and can cut the life expectancy of a roof nearly in half even with just a thin covering of droppings. 

How Professional Bird Control Keeps Pigeons Away 

If your business is dealing with a bird problem or infestation, it is vital to act immediately and acquire professional bird control services. Pest Friends, a local Tuscon pest control specialist, can help by getting rid of birds and their nests from your property and bolstering the defenses of your commercial space. With over thirty-five years of experience in the pest control industry, Pest Friends is well versed in all manners of pest extermination and prevention, including pigeons and other birds. Contact us today. We offer free inspections, and our team of pest control technicians will provide tailor-made services that won’t disrupt your business.