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mice in Tucson homes

How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Tucson Home

How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Tucson Home

Domesticated mice may look adorable running around in their little wheels at the pet store, but most people would agree that domestic mice running around your kitchen feels completely different. Mice, like all rodents, can cause major damage to your property and personal health while being rather difficult to catch. If you’re currently dealing with a pesky mouse population in your Tucson home, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll outline all the ways you can reclaim control of your home, as well as some other useful information to help you identify the specific problems caused by these troublesome rodents.

Signs Of Mice In Your Tucson Home

To treat a problem, it’s important first to recognize the signs. Mice differ from other rodents in several significant ways. Mice are smaller than rats, with a more triangular nose and generally with tails longer than their bodies. Their rounded ears are covered with fur, and they have prominent front incisors that grow incessantly, requiring them to be whittled down with regular gnawing. These opportunistic little scavengers won’t pass up any opportunity for easy food and shelter, including the abundance of these things within your Tucson home. Be on the lookout for any possible signs of their presence, including:

  • Gnaw marks around your home
  • Compromised food storage or garbage disposal
  • Fecal droppings or urine stains
  • Suspicious sounds or smells
  • Actual rodents, even singular, seemingly isolated specimens

The Problems Mice Can Cause In Your Tucson Home

Mice, like all rodents, need to gnaw on hard materials in order to keep their front incisors from growing into their skulls. This makes for an unfortunate proclivity to chew holes in walls and internal structures, including electrical wires or even pipes. You can just imagine how much damage this habit causes. To fuel these destructive tendencies, mice help themselves to your food supply, often contaminating the entire kitchen with their fecal droppings along with all the diseases and parasites they carry along the way. Once enough mice have made a home for themselves inside your walls, they’ll get more difficult to remove every day, resulting in a dangerous downward spiral.

The Safest Way To Eliminate Mice In Your Tucson Home

Although it may be tempting to rely on do-it-yourself treatment methods such as traps or poisons, these will often prove disappointing in the long run. They are decent prevention measures when used to deter the very first rodents that may be sniffing out your property, but in the midst of a full-blown infestation, it will be too little, too late. Mice are deceptively clever creatures, and incredibly prolific at that. All this means that ultimately, the safest and most effective means of rodent control will be to contact the professionals. The experts at Pest Friends have got your back. If you’re combating a mouse problem, you don’t have to go at it alone. Pest Friends can take care of the present problem and have your home set up with comprehensive prevention measures, completely pest-free, before you know it. Call now to schedule your secret weapon.

Natural Ways To Keep Mice Away From Your Tucson Home

It can be challenging to keep mice off of your property, to say the least. These unruly rodents are everywhere, and possess a number of natural talents and instincts that give them an edge in trying to break into places. There are, however, a few things you can do. If you need a few tips on rodent prevention, refer to these proven steps:

  • Keep your property clean and clutter-free.
  • Practice proper food storage.
  • Practice proper garbage disposal.
  • Seal up any potential entry points.
  • Partner with the knowledgeable professionals at Pest Friends.

If you have or suspect you might have a mouse infestation, contact Pest Friends at the first signs of mice to find out more about our mouse control services.