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Catalina Foothills, AZ Pest Control

Catalina Foothills, AZ Pest Control

Expert Pest Management For Homes & Businesses In Catalina Foothills, AZ

Just over 20 miles north of Tucson, the neighborhood of Catalina Foothills, AZ, is located at the doorstep of the Sonoran Desert. We get to enjoy year-round, sunny weather, and views of the beautiful peaks of the Santa Catalina Mountains. It’s great to live and work here, and local pest populations couldn’t agree more. These unwelcome intruders get into our homes and business and expose us to the various dangers of pest infestation. If you’re looking to protect yourself, and everyone else on your property, look no further than the team at Pest Friends.

Our locally owned and operated pest control company is proud to service properties throughout Pima County and the surrounding areas. With over 35 years of combined industry experience under our belts, we’re confident in our ability to bring you the pest-free results you deserve.  Our team is dedicated to preventative pest control, working hard to change the pest control industry with proactive treatments the prioritize the use of minimal chemicals. No matter what, it’s our goal to keep the greater Tucson area pest-free and protected. Call today to learn more.

Home Pest Control In Catalina Foothills, AZ

This is a wonderful place to put down roots and start a life for yourself. However, household pest infestation can sometimes get in the way. But it’s your neighborhood, not theirs, and that’s why we’re here to protect you. Our team of pest professionals works hard to protect your Catalina Foothills home from pest infestations. Some of our residential pest control treatments include:

  • Evaluating home to discover existing problems
  • Identifying conditions conducive to future pest problems
  • Thorough service around interior and exterior
  • Use of naturally occurring products
  • Placement of boric acid to defend your home against sewer roaches
  • Application of diatomaceous earth around bed frames to treat bed bugs
  • Sealing and treating active areas rather than spraying baseboards inside the house
  • Layering of treatments around the yard to stop pests from the outside 
  • Use of low-impact baits and a full perimeter treatment 
  • Treating cracks and crevices where pests hide
  • Treatment of utility access points, door frames, and j-trim 
  • De-webbing and detesting around the house

Once treatment is finished, we’ll schedule follow up visits to make sure your home is protection from infestation on a continuing basis. You and your loved ones deserve to feel completely safe in your own home, and we won’t let local pest populations take that away from you. Get in touch with us to get started.

Four Mosquito Control Methods For Catalina Foothills Properties

Mosquitoes are famous for their itchy bites, but they’re a bigger threat than you may think. These vector pests can transmit serious illnesses into their hosts, such as West Nile, and Zika virus. To protect yourself from mosquito-borne illness, it’s a good idea to be as proactive as possible. Here are four ways to help you reduce your chances of experiencing mosquito activity on your property:

  1. Divert water away from structure by maintaining gutters and downspouts.
  2. Eliminate sources of standing water (buckets, tires, toys, pet water bowls, etc.) 
  3. Keep vegetation and landscaping well-trimmed.
  4. Install or repair any damaged or ripped screens in all windows and doors.

While these are all great ways to be proactive in your mosquito control efforts, the truth is, none of them are as reliable or effective as ongoing protection from the pest professionals. Reach out to your Pest Friends for complete mosquito control and prevention solutions you can count on all year long.

How Dangerous Are Termites In Catalina Foothills?

Termites are wood-eating pests that can cause large-scale damage to your property. As these destructive pests feed on moisture damaged and rotting wood, they slowly erode the structure of your home, and put you and your loved ones in harm’s way. 

Termites cause widespread damage that can be absolutely devastating. As they destroy the structure of your home or business, they threaten the safety of the people inside the building. Not only that, but repairs can be very costly. It’s estimated that U.S. home and business owners spend over $5 billion dollars every year on termite repairs and prevention costs.

Experiencing a termite infestation is a nightmare, much too overwhelming to handle by yourself. That’s why we’re here to handle it for you. Pest Friends provides year-round termite control and prevention services in Catalina Foothills to keep you protected from termite damage. Get in touch with us to set up your initial inspection.

Commercial Pest Control In Catalina Foothills, AZ

Pest Friends is proud to service commercial properties throughout Catalina Foothills. We’ve worked with a variety of commercial properties, including condos, restaurants, entertainment venues, and many others. No matter what kind of business you run, we provide customizable services based upon your facility’s needs. Our team is experienced in dealing with a variety of common area pests, such as ants, stinging insects, pigeons, cockroaches, rodents, scorpions, termites, spiders, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

Along with our general pest control solutions, we offer additional services for mosquito control, tick control, and spider control. We also offer an extensive germ control program in which we use DOD technologies to kill viruses like covid and anthrax. Our Pest Friend guarantee means that, if you’re unhappy with our service, we’ll come up with a timely solution to fix the issue, and we don’t stop until the situation is resolved. Reach out to us today to learn more about our effective commercial pest control services in Catalina Foothills.

All The Ways Cockroaches In Catalina Foothills Are Harmful To Your Health

There are hundreds of different roach species native to Catalina Foothills, including Oriental cockroaches, American cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, and German cockroaches. These insects are some of the most frustrating pests in the world and have a history of spreading serious diseases and illnesses wherever they go.

Here are all the ways cockroaches in Catalina Foothills are harmful to your health:

  • Destruction of household materials 
  • Spread of serious illness 
  • Contamination of food products 
  • Tainting of freshwater supplies 
  • Blotting of fecal materials 

Roaches are dangerous animals that should not be allowed to live in your home under any circumstance. Standing in your corner is the team at Pest Friends, a longtime Catalina Foothills business with a penchant for cockroach prevention.

If you think or know that cockroaches are becoming a harmful health hazard against the ones you love, look no further than our helpful pest professionals. Simply give us a call today to learn more about the properties we serve or submit an online service form to connect with a pro now for quality cockroach control.

Six Easy Tricks To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Catalina Foothills Home

Rodents like rats and mice can be a difficult issue for many Catalina Foothills homeowners. Not only are these creatures capable of spreading serious diseases, but they have the potential to bite, gnaw, and scratch the people and properties you care for most.

Below are six easy tricks for keeping rodents out of your Catalina Foothills home:

  1. Caulk and seal all potential entry points. 
  2. Store food in strong glass or plastic containers. 
  3. Turn compost piles frequently to promote breakdown. 
  4. Keep garbage inside properly sealed bins. 
  5. Clean clutter often and organize your house frequently. 
  6. Invest in ongoing rodent control from the team at Pest Friends. 

Even if you have never invested in a rodent inspection before, having a baseline measurement of your home is incredibly important.

By tracking all signs and symptoms of rodent activity, the experts at Pest Friends quickly spot, trap, and remove any vectors operating near your property. It’s not just an inspection; it’s protection you can count on. Call today to schedule an appointment as soon as possible to receive our effective rodent control service. We’re looking forward to taking your call at any time.

Lyme Disease & Other Dangers Ticks Pose To Catalina Foothills Residents

If you think that your Catalina Foothills property is safe from Lyme Disease this year, you might want to think again. Tick activity is one of the most problematic concerns for home and business owners in this area. As temperatures rise and humidity levels increase over the course of the year, ticks become more and more active around managed buildings. Even during the coldest winters, Catalina Foothills residents must be cautious not to spread these insects from one location to another.

Tick species are capable of spreading serious pathogens to people, pets, and their properties. A few of the most common include:

  • Lyme Disease 
  • Ehrlichiosis 
  • Anaplasmosis 
  • Babesiosis 
  • Bourbon virus 
  • Powassan disease 

Arachnids like ticks should not be entertained around Catalina Foothills’ homes, businesses, or properties. The professionals at Pest Friends have what it takes to control, manage, and exterminate ticks year-round. Call, click, or visit us today to learn more about how we help manage tick species in Catalina Foothills.

Four Effective Ant Prevention Tips For Catalina Foothills Property Owners

Check out four of the most effective ant prevention tips for Catalina Foothills property owners and beyond: 

  1. Ensure that the cracks, gaps, crevices, and fissures of your home have been adequately caulked and sealed. Do your part by using waterproof materials, or hiring a professional to get the work done for you.
  2. Don’t leave any garbage uncovered, both inside and outside the home. Store all trash inside property sealed bins, which are lined with plastic bags. When the bag is full, move it to an outdoor receptacle until it can be removed from the premises.
  3. Do your dishes as soon as possible, washing utensils thoroughly to prevent yourself from unwittingly attracting ants. You should also be careful to dry and store all dishes as thoroughly as possible.
  4. Ants prefer lawns that are wild, overgrown, and filled with vegetation. Trim bushes and trees frequently, preferable trimming the grass frequently. If possible, remove all cut vegetation via trash service, burning, or composting.

For more helpful ant prevention tips, call the team members at Pest Friends. If you require further prevention services necessary to address serious infestations, we are available to help. Our representatives are trained in many facets of ant extermination and elimination. We’ll help make short work of attacking ant species, no matter what!