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spider control in Tucson

A Handy Spider Prevention Guide For Tucson Homes

A Handy Spider Prevention Guide For Tucson Homes

Although most species of domestic spiders common to Tucson homes are not all too dangerous to humans, any arachnophobes among us will be vindicated to learn that a few of them actually are a threat. It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between the different types of spiders, especially since they tend to hide from human contact. Of course, even disregarding the spiders specifically for a moment, the fact that you might be seeing more of the web-spinning wall-crawlers than you’d like is a glaring sign of another, more troublesome underlying problem. In this post, we’ll outline everything you need to know about the various arachnids common to our area, how to handle them, and what it really means when you’re noticing an overabundance of them.

The Types Of Spiders In Tucson Homes

Spiders mostly share the infamous characteristic eight eyes, eight legs, and venomous fangs, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a wide variety of ways in which they differ. Here are a few of the most common species of domestic spider, and some ways to identify each of them.

  • House spiders are probably the most common sight in Tucson homes. Familiar and mostly harmless, these small spiders are brown with black patterns. Their bite is not serious unless you’re an insect, and they tend to avoid humans. However, their cobwebs can really build up and become a nuisance.
  • Wolf spiders are much larger and more intimidating, and more dangerous to match. Similar in coloration to the house spider, but with a body more suited to its hunter predator instincts, the wolf spider delivers a painful venomous bite.
  • Black widow spiders are small but pack an infamous punch. You probably already know about their black coloration and the signature red hourglass mark on their abdomen. Solitary and stealthy, the black widow can often surprise people with its unexpected and decidedly unwelcome presence in garages or attics.

What It Means If You’re Seeing Spiders In Your Tucson Home

Spiders come inside searching for food and shelter. Shelter makes intuitive sense; it’s probably much warmer and safer inside your home than out in the wild, but food? Unfortunately, if you’re seeing more spiders than you’d expect in your home, it’s likely that the root cause is some other insect infestation serving as prey, attracting the arachnid predators in droves.

Easy & Effective Spider Prevention Tips For Tucson Homes

The best way to cut back on a bothersome arachnid population is to address their main two attractions. First, make your shelter less desirable and less accessible to them. Clean and declutter regularly to limit available hiding spots, install door sweeps and bug screens, and remove any webs you may find. More importantly, eliminate any sources of food they’re finding in your home. Spiders feed on insects, so the presence of other pests will eventually mean more spiders creeping out of the woodwork as well.

The Most Effective Spider Control For Tucson Homes

Ultimately, the only real way to guarantee yourself protection from unscrupulous arachnids, or any of the other pests that can potentially attract them, is to contact the professionals for guidance. Reach out to the experts at Pest Friends for a quick, easy, and comprehensive treatment plan. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure our mission statement is met: to provide you and your home the special care specific to your unique situation, always with the highest standards set in place. Call now, and one of our certified technicians will be on the scene as soon as possible to secure your property from any pesky bugs, eight legs or otherwise.