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Can Pest Control Get Rid of Ants for Good?

Why Pest Control is Important

Why Pest Control is Important

Arizona is a great state for so many reasons, it’s no wonder so many people want to move here! From our year-round warm and sunny climate to our beautiful scenery, there’s a lot to love. However, many people don’t realize something else that comes with all that wonder, PESTS!

While you’re less likely to encounter Lyme disease or rat bite fever in AZ compared to other areas of the country, the south west comes with its own dangerous pests. Encountering West Nile virus, being stung by a scorpion or bitten by a rattlesnake are all events that can be avoided with the help of pest control professionals.

Ironically both scorpions and rattlesnakes are attracted by other insects or rodents that are part of their food supply, so as long as you maintain these yourself or have a great pest control company on your side, you can avoid a pest infestation along with being bit or stung.

Identifying the kind of pest you’re dealing with and then eradicating them early is a proactive approach. Following this up with a call to a professional in the pest management industry to implement a prevention strategy is the next best step.

technician treating the outside of a home


Scorpions are common in Arizona. Their hard exoskeleton makes them perfect for living in our desert climate. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful they can end up in your home in search for food, water, and harborage.

All scorpions are venomous, most have a small enough amount to where the sting is merely painful and a nuisance. However, the bark scorpion is highly venomous with a sting that can cause severe pain and can even be life-threatening for some. Keeping your home scorpion free is important for your health and safety.

Scorpions like to stay in dark spaces and can easily remain hidden in the home. For the average homeowner, scorpions can be particularly difficult to find and require professional pest control services to be thoroughly eradicated. Sealing the inside and outside of the home is the best way to get rid of scorpions since these pests can flatten out to fit in the smallest cracks and crevices.

Treatment for scorpions in conjunction with the sealing of the home is the most effective pest control and prevention for scorpions.


The importance of pest control against termites cannot be underestimated. Termites cause more than 5 Billion dollars in damage to American homes each year. In Southern Arizona, our risk is 16x’s the national average! What makes termite pest management important is that a great deal of damage can occur before they are even noticed by the homeowner, causing massive destruction.

Subterranean termites are the most common in Southern Arizona. Subterranean termites can tunnel under the ground into your home, while drywood termites can make their way in via simply bringing in firewood from outside your house.

As a homeowner you can do your part to prevent these insect pests from damaging your home by keeping wood, cardboard boxes, and other organic materials away from the perimeter of your house.

At Pest Friends, we recommend having a professional pest control company do an inspection. They can determine if you have an active infestation, where it is located, and what pest control products would be best for the job. They can then recommend a preventative maintenance plan to create a barrier around your property to keep termites at bay.


Spiders seem to be one of the scariest pests for most people to handle. Spiders like the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse are common in Arizona, and unlike insect bites, a bite from these arachnids can be life-threatening. Tarantulas are also common, but are much less likely to land you in the emergency room.

Spiders like to hide out in firewood, cardboard boxes, and other natural materials that are attractive to scorpions and termites as well. By keeping these items away from your home, you’re more likely to keep spiders and other pests at bay.

Regular pest control treatments also help keep spiders away. A pest control professional can inspect your home and recommend the right scheduled maintenance plan based on your property’s needs.


This year, ants seem to be one of the biggest pest problems faced by our clients in Tucson, AZ. Usually, ants will go about their business outside and won’t bother you. But, they can quickly become a problem if you stumble through a colony and suddenly get attacked by swarming ants, resulting in painful bites. Ants really become a nuisance when they get in your home when looking for food, and can even build their nests inside if left unchecked.

Ants are tough for the average homeowner to control. Following typical health regulations like keeping food off the floor works well for some species, but doesn’t cut it for all. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on over-the-counter treatments, as they are designed as a one-size-fits-all measure, and not all ants respond to them. A pest control professional can design a specific treatment plan for the type of ants that are present on your property and common in your local climate.

Pack Rats

Pack Rats are a growing problem in Southern AZ, especially in the foothills area. They are nest builders and use plant material such as cactus, twigs, sticks, and other available debris for their construction. Pack Rats and their nests also attract rattle snakes.

The damage cause by Pack Rats can be extensive and costly to homes and automobiles. To effectively deal with these rodents, you must remove the nest and control nesting materials around the property.

A pest control professional can advise you on a plan to keep your property Pack Rat free.

Pest Management Control Practices and Services Near Me

So many more pests can be a problem in Arizona, but these are among the worst offenders. You can’t completely insulate yourself from these pests while living in the beautiful Sonoran dessert, but by being educated and having the help of Pest Friends, you can prevent them from becoming a problem for you.

Pest Friends in Tucson, AZ

Pest Friends is your friend in the fight against pests in Southern Arizona. Our top-rated, five star staff has the tools and expertise to fight these problematic pests for you. They understand the behaviors and characteristics of these pests, so they know the right strategies for getting rid of them. Call or text us at (520-999-2847) to schedule an inspection of your property, find out what pests may be lurking in your home, and to learn about your options for protecting your property.