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cockroaches in the home

What Attracts Cockroaches In Your Home?

What Attracts Cockroaches In Your Home?

Nobody likes dealing with pesky roaches in their home; however, if you don’t know how to prevent them from infiltrating your space, they will become a huge problem. Before you can start getting cockroaches out of your home, you must first understand what attracts them to your home in the first place.

Dealing With A Cockroach Infestation

If you’re dealing with a cockroach infestation in your home, you may be asking yourself, “What attracts cockroaches in your home?” but the answer to that question is more complicated than you think.

An array of factors can attract cockroaches in your home, one of the primary ones being moisture. If you have busted pipes or leaking faucets around your home, you should repair them as soon as possible.

Factors like these are some of the leading attractants for cockroaches.

Many other variables play a role in determining how attracted cockroaches are to your home. To find out more about what attracts cockroaches to your home and how to stop it, continue reading.

What Attracts Cockroaches In Your Home?

While moisture is one of the leading attractants for cockroaches, it isn’t the only one. Location is another huge factor that plays a role in how attracted cockroaches are to your home. For example, the United States’ southeastern portion see much higher rates of cockroach infestations in the house than areas located towards the North.

Some of the states home to the most significant American cockroach populations include Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Accessibility is also another huge factor that plays a role in cockroaches becoming attracted to your home.

Cockroaches are continually searching for food, shelter, and water. If they find any vulnerable entry points into your home, they will take advantage of them. This is one of the most uncomplicated factors to address as caulking any loose wall openings or cracks in your home structure will provide a lasting barrier against cockroaches entering.

Here Are Some Of The Other Primary Factors That Contribute To Cockroaches In Your Home:

⦁ Food Sources- make sure to correctly dispose of all your food garbage as roaches are attracted to food spoils. Anything from food left on bookbinders, small pieces of trash, soap containers, and more will attract roaches.

⦁ Hidden Areas- if there are any areas around your home that are forgotten like old cupboards or small crevices in your walls, these will attract cockroaches. Try to maintain a well-kept house from top to bottom.

⦁ Unkempt Landscaping- nothing attracts roaches more than an unkempt landscape. Still water, high grass, and more are all mating calls for cockroaches, by addressing these issues, you can get rid of cockroaches around and inside your home hassle-free.

Keeping Cockroaches Out Of Your Home

Identifying what attracts cockroaches to your home is only the first step; you need to find an effective way to get rid of them. To accomplish this, you can use several methods. Take a look below to see some of the most effective ways to keep cockroaches from inside your home.

Most effective ways to keep cockroaches out of your home:

⦁ Avoid overwatering your house plants
⦁ Clean your kitchen after every homemade meal you cook
⦁ Vacuum weekly and try to sweep your home daily
⦁ Remove all standing water from within and around your home
⦁ Seal all cracks or loose openings around your home
⦁ Avoid storing compose or firewood near your home
⦁ Store your dirty dishes directly in the dishwasher

These are all simple and effective techniques you can use to cut down on the number of roaches attracted to your home each year.

People Also Ask

Q: Why do I have roaches in my clean house?
A: Moisture, roaches thrive in damp, wet, moist environments. When they are looking for water, even the smallest amount of moisture will attract them to your home. Busted pipes and leaking faucets are cockroaches’ favorite, so they tend to hide in the kitchen, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

Q: What smell keeps roaches away?
A: Roaches hate the smell of lavender, by diluting some lavender essential oil with water in a spray bottle and spraying it around your home, you can repel cockroaches with ease.

Q: What kills cockroaches instantly?
A: Boric acid, raid, baking soda, and sugar kill roaches instantly with minimal effort involved.

Understanding What Attracts Cockroaches In Your Home

Use all of the information in this article to assist in reducing pesky cockroaches from entering your home. To formulate the best approach, ask yourself these two simple questions “What are some obvious signs I see around my home that explains the cockroach attraction?” and “Have I address all potential factors?” By answering these simple questions, you can get rid of cockroaches with no problem. Contact Pest Friends to help with any cockroach infestation already in your home.

If you want to find out more information on these nasty pests, Wikipedia has a section on cockroaches