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tips to prevent scropions stings

Tips To Prevent Scorpion Stings In Your Home

Tips To Prevent Scorpion Stings In Your Home

Seal All Potential Points of Entry

Scorpions are highly skilled at being able to squeeze through the smallest cracks and gaps. Seal exterior crevices and windows with caulk. Make sure door sweeps and weather stripping are in good repair and providing a tight seal. Seal pipes to prevent water leaks that can be attractive for scorpions. You can also use a fine mesh to block scorpions from entering open roof vents.

Eliminate Yard Debris

Scorpions love to hide in yard debris and other sources of clutter around your home. Remove trash, piles of leaves, old boards, and cardboard boxes that can provide shelter. Keep your grass trimmed and prune overhanging tree branches. If possible, keep your garbage containers off the ground in a frame.

Shake Out Clothing and Shoes

Another place that scorpions love to hide is dark closets. Before getting dressed, make sure to shake our clothing and shoes to avoid an unwanted scorpion sting. Put your shoes on before entering dark spaces, like garages and basements, to protect your toes.

Use a Pest Control Service

Trying to remove scorpions from your home can be dangerous. In order to approach a scorpion for removal, you need protective clothing and gloves. Smashing a scorpion with your shoe can be ineffective in killing it. Over-the-counter insecticides may be ineffective. You may not want to risk a potential allergic reaction if you accidentally get stung. A pest control company can effectively remove scorpions to keep you and your family safe.

If you are frequently noticing scorpions in your home, you need the help of an experienced scorpion exterminator. With Pest Friends, you can eliminate scorpions from your home once and for all. We provide high-tech, eco-friendly pest control services for our customers. Book an appointment for pest control today.