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Scott Nolen And His Business Partners Are Revolutionizing The Pest Control Industry, Making It Safer And More Efficient For All

Scott Nolen And His Business Partners Are Revolutionizing The Pest Control Industry, Making It Safer And More Efficient For All

Scott’s grandfather came to Tucson and bought his mom an old car to drive so she wouldn’t be stranded at home while Truly was out building the business. But the car broke down often and would be left at a gas station, so Truly decided to paint Truly Nolen on the side of the car and it became the key marketing tool for the business.

Truly started buying old cars and painting them with Truly Nolen on the side and parking them at businesses. People would call seeing the old car with Truly Nolen on it and assume they had been in business a long time based on the age of the car! Great success came from that first antique car that they couldn’t keep on the road!

By 1959 Truly Nolen was the top pest control company in Tucson and he branched out to Phoenix, San Diego and Albuquerque and bought his father’s business in Florida.   Scott started working for his dad when he was 12 years old mixing chemicals for the technicians, and that began a lifelong study of pests and his passion for controlling them.

His passion developed from his concern over the effect pests have on public health and safety and for people feeling secure in a pest free home. Scott eventually became the company president in 1991. When he retired in 2018, he thought he was done with the pest control business. That all changed when he was at lunch with 4 friends and they asked him 4 questions that brought him out of retirement and birthed Pest Friends.

Why Not…?

Why do we still buy Pest Control the way our parents and grandparents purchased it? Why do I have to wait until I have a bug problem to get help? Isn’t there technology out there that could see it coming and limit the amount of chemicals I get in or around my house…?

Pest Friends is committed to taking over the Residential Pest Control Industry throughout the United States, one Zip Code at a time, through Customer Service, being the Employer of Choice, and Innovation through Technology and Service.

To put it simply, they want to be known as the most Modern, Eco Friendly, and Innovative choice in Pest Control.

Their “It’s Your Neighborhood” approach allows Pest Technicians the ability to only service customers in one zip code, thereby creating the ability for the technician to wow over the customer through customer service, which leads to organic business growth through great work and referrals from happy clients.

They also have a career path for any employee that is interested and capable to eventually be their own boss and actually own the neighborhood reputation and results that they have successfully built under the Pest Friends Brand, with the Pest Friends Technology.

“It is a place where the Technician who loves servicing clients the way they would if they owned the business, can do just that. It is a true win-win for the tech and the client.” said President and Partner, John Smalley.

The Pest Friends Founders Team consist of 4 members, Scott Nolen, Wyatt Chambers, Daryl Ross, and John Smalley. Between the 5 members, they have 35+ years of experience in Pest Control, 75+ years in Management and Leadership, and over 20 companies created and developed. All 5 believe that by combining their strengths in Pest Control, Innovation, Leadership, Workforce Development, Marketing, and Technology, Pest Friends will fundamentally change and improve the way consumers receive proactive, high tech, ecofriendly Pest Control going forward.

Why Not…?

Pest Friends was founded in Tucson, Arizona and is committed to being your modern pest control solution. As a modern pest control company we pride ourselves on bringing technology, innovation and eco-friendly solutions to your family, pets and home for years to come. With our neighborhood focused delivery model, we are able to drive down costs and provide exceptional services to you and your whole neighborhood.   Scott’s Dad would “truly” be proud that they have created new technology and treatment that is better for the environment and for the consumer. Pests are not your friends, but you need a friend in pest control and that’s Pest Friends!

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