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Sabino Canyon, AZ Pest Control

Sabino Canyon, AZ Pest Control

Effective Pest Management For Home & Business Owners In Sabina Canyon, AZ

Known as one of the premier natural areas in Southern Arizona, the town of Sabino Canyon, AZ, is a beautiful place to live. Located right by the Santa Catalina Mountains and the Coronado National Forest, Sabino Canyon is ideal for enjoying outdoor recreation all year long. It’s also a perfect location for pests to make a home for themselves. These unwelcome visitors enter local homes and businesses looking for food, water, and shelter, putting us in danger of experiencing pest infestations.

Here at Pest Friends, we are proud to service local homes and businesses with quality pest control solutions. Our team services properties throughout Pima County and the surrounding areas, working hard to keep the greater Tucson area pest-free and protected. Get in touch with us today for your free quote and a complimentary inspection.

Home Pest Control In Sabino Canyon, AZ

It’s great owning a home in Eastside, but it doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing. If you experience a household pest infestation, you and your loved ones become exposed to many health and safety risks. That’s why we offer year-round coverage from household pest activity. Our residential pest control services include:

  • Thorough service around the interior and exterior.
  • The use of naturally occurring products.
  • Placement of boric acid to defend your home against sewer roaches.
  • The application of diatomaceous earth around bed frames to treat bed bugs.
  • Sealing and treating active areas rather than spraying baseboards inside the house.
  • The layering of treatments around the yard to stop pests from the outside. 
  • The use of low-impact baits and a full perimeter treatment. 
  • Treating cracks and crevices where pests hide
  • The treatment of utility access points, door frames, and j-trim. 
  • De-webbing and de-nesting around the house. 

As we like to say, “It’s your Neighborhood,” and we are here to protect the community against household infestations continuingly. We offer additional residential services for mosquito control, tick control, and spider control. We also have a germ control program that uses DOD technologies to kill viruses like covid and anthrax. Give us a call today to learn more about our total home pest solutions in Sabino Canyon, AZ.

Five Termite Prevention Tips For Sabino Canyon Homeowners

Termite damage is extremely destructive, and it can be a complete nightmare for Sabino Canyon homeowners. When it comes to effective termite control, prevention goes a very long way. Taking the proper precautionary measures will help you protect your home from termite activity. Here are five ways you can prevent termite activity around your house:

  1. Eliminate any wood-to-soil contact.
  2. Keep all wood away from the outside perimeter of the house.
  3. Remove any damaged or rotting wood from the property.
  4. Thoroughly inspect all wooden items before bringing them inside.
  5. Use loose mortar and weatherstripping around all windows and doors.

If you’re looking to secure complete termite solutions for your homes, the best thing you can do is contact the pros. The team at Pest Friends is here to detect and exterminate all termite activity from your property

Tick Control: Everything Sabino Canyon Residents Ought To Know

When it comes to tick control for your home, there are some things you should know. While not all tick bites result in a disease, it’s important to be mindful of reducing your exposure to these vectors. Here are some helpful tips for minimizing tick activity around your property:

  • Check everyone (including pets) for any ticks after being outside. 
  • Deter wildlife hosts from your yard.
  • Shower promptly after spending time outdoors.
  • Stay out of tall grass, brush, and wooded areas.
  • Treat your clothing with or buy clothing pre-treated with permethrin.
  • Tumble dry your clothing on high heat for ten minutes to kill off any ticks.
  • Use insect repellents before participating in outdoor activities.
  • Walk in the center of trails when walking, hiking, running, etc.

While these suggestions can be useful in your tick prevention efforts, the truth is that none of these methods are as effective as regular service visits from the pest professionals. The team at Pest Friends is here to provide you with effective year-round tick control solutions in Sabino Canyon, AZ that you and your family can depend on.

Commercial Pest Control In Sabino Canyon, AZ

From condos and restaurants to entertainment venues, we work with a variety of commercial properties. All our services are customizable based upon the needs of your business and the state of your facility. We have a designated team of service technicians for each zip code, so you know your business is protected and serviced by regular team members that you’re familiar with.

Our Pest Friend guarantee means that we’ll come up with a timely solution to fix the issue if you’re unhappy with our service, and we don’t stop until we resolve the situation. Our goal is to bring you complete satisfaction, so reach out today to learn more about our total commercial pest solutions in Sabino Canyon, AZ.

How To Tell If Your Sabino Canyon Home Has A Cockroach Problem

Cockroaches can be a big problem for Sabino Canyon homeowners. They crawl into homes looking for food and water, but also to escape harsh conditions and the elements. Once inside your home, roaches have very little incentive to leave, as they can exist for surprisingly long periods of time without much sustenance. But telling if you have a cockroach infestation can sometimes prove difficult, as they tend to live out of sight of humans. That said, here are some of the key ways that may help you understand whether or not you have roaches present:

  • A sweet musty odor that you can’t quite place
  • Pepper-like flakes, that are actually feces
  • The presence of cockroaches themselves 
  • The increased presence of spiders
  • Food packages that have been nibbled on
  • Egg cases that are left behind, particularly in dark corners

Cockroaches bring with them a host of health risks that can prove very dangerous. They’re responsible for the spread of E. coli, salmonella, and even cholera. To ensure the safe removal of an active roach problem or for more helpful tips for preventing them, contact Pest Friends today.

Six Simple Yet Effective Ant Control Tips For Sabino Canyon Property Owners

While ants are the most common nuisance pest that Sabino Canyon property owners can expect to encounter, they don’t have to be. Here are six simple tips for keeping them out of your property:

  1. Start by sealing up the crevices around your home and any gaps around windows and doors. Use door sweeps where possible and replace any damaged window screens. 
  2. Always store your food and pantry items in secure containers with locking lids. 
  3. Use a trash bin with a lid and remove the trash regularly. Also, be sure that there are no crumbs or spills left behind in your bin. 
  4. Address any moisture issues that might include leaky faucets, downspouts, pipes, and even toilets. 
  5. Clean up any spills and crumbs thoroughly. This method applies not only to food and drink items but shampoos and soaps as well. 
  6. Call the professionals for complete defense against ants. 

For more information on how you can keep ants out of your property, contact Pest Friends today.

Why Can’t I Get These Mice Out Of My Sabino Canyon House?

Mice in Sabino County are relentless, but that’s not the only reason why you might have such a hard time getting rid of them. These rodents start by squeezing their way through the smallest cracks and openings around your property. Sometimes they chew at cracks to make them larger, which in turn makes room for more mice to enter. As it pertains to activity inside your house, mice are nocturnal by nature, which means that they primarily come out during the nighttime when humans are less likely to spot them. In addition to this fact, mice are not usually looking to interact with humans, so they live amongst your walls, in attics and basements, and in other hidden places like drawers and cabinets. One other key factor in why mice are so hard to remove is how rapidly they reproduce. Mice are capable of having up to 120 pups each year and they reproduce approximately every month and a half, so where there is one mouse, there are usually many more. 

Don’t let mice become a problem in your Sabino Canyon home; for more information on how you can be protected from them and all of the hazards they cause, contact Pest Friends today for effective rodent contorl.

Answering Sabino Canyon’s Most Commonly Asked Spider Questions

With so many spiders crawling around Sabino Canyon, there are a lot of questions that need to be addressed. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and a few helpful answers:

  • How did spiders get inside my home? These pests are very skilled at making their way inside properties by slinking through cracks around doors and windows. Sometimes they’ll hide in packaging from stores and go along for a ride. 
  • Why do I have spiders? One of the main reasons why spiders enter homes is because they’re looking for food, which comes in the form of other pests. So a spider problem usually implies another pest issue. Spiders will also enter homes when they’re looking for relief from outside conditions or water. 
  • Are the spiders in my home dangerous? Most spiders that you’re likely to encounter in Sabino Canyon are not dangerous; however, there are two species that are: the black widow and brown recluse. 
  • How do I get rid of spiders? To keep spiders out of your home, ensure that all crawl spaces, basements, and attics are well ventilated, and then take the steps to prevent other pests. This may include sealing cracks around your home, storing your food and trash properly, keeping surfaces clean, and removing any clutter. Because this can be a tall task, the best way to get rid of spiders is to call the professionals.

Don’t spend time wondering if the spiders in your home are venomous or not. For complete protection from spiders that you can rely on, contact Pest Friends today!