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Questions To Ask Your Termite Exterminator

Questions To Ask Your Termite Exterminator

What Kind Of Licensing, Bonding & Certifications Do You Have?

Before hiring a termite exterminator, you want to ensure that they are properly credentialed. Rodent exterminators operate chemicals, specific tools, and more for the eradication of pests. They should have specialized certifications that they are not afraid of showing you.

You want to find out how many years of experience the company has. Does the termite exterminator have specialized licenses for pest control and a thorough understanding of termites? These questions should be on your list of items to ask before hiring a termite exterminator.

How Does Your Inspection Process Work?

When you look to hire a termite exterminator, you also want to find out how the inspection process works. Generally, a termite inspection that a pest control service performs begins with a tour of your home as well as the areas where the termites are living and congregating.

Be sure that you ask questions about the process. Many pest control companies are not only happy to answer your questions but will even present you with literature or a website where you can find out about their services and their inspection processes.

Oftentimes, you will find very professional termite exterminator technicians who have a tremendous understanding of getting rid of termites. They are also able to explain the entire inspection process, helping to forge a long-term partnership with you for the protection of your home.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Another question that you want to ask a termite exterminator as well as the pest control company is about how many treatments you will need. Initially, you may need a termite exterminator to come to the home on a weekly basis. Then over time as the treatments begin to take effect, you may only need the termite exterminator out to your home for a monthly or bi-annual visit.

What Are The Costs Of Inspections & The Entire Treatment Plan?

After your termite inspector visits your home, you want to have a complete estimate in writing of all inspections and treatment initiatives. While time is of the essence for getting rid of those cumbersome termites, you want to weigh your options. Be sure to get as much as you can in writing. Written estimates help to protect you as the consumer as well as the pest control company.

How Serious Is The Infestation?

Your termite exterminator is a willing participant in your fight against termites. So, you want to know upfront how bad of a termite problem you have. Will you have to rebuild a section of your home? Will you have to sell your home and move somewhere else? Before signing a contract, have a thorough understanding of how bad the termite issue is so that you can effectively and methodically plan your next steps.

Will My Family & I Have To Move During Treatment?

As you look for a quality termite inspector, you want to also ask if a temporary move to a hotel, a family member’s home, or another dwelling will be required as the pest control company works to rid your home of pests. You may have to temporarily live with a parent, sibling, cousin, or even a friend while your home is undergoing pest control treatments.

There is never a convenient time for termites to strike a home. That’s where we come in. As your experienced, dedicated, and accomplished pest control company, you can count on us for effective termite control solutions.

Proudly serving homeowners and business owners in Tucson, AZ, we provide eco-friendly, innovative, and modernized pest control services for an array of critters that make skin crawl and tempers rise. So, for the termite invasion that you and your home have succumbed to, contact us for quality termite exterminator services and more.