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tick control in Tucson

Tick Control

Protecting Your Family & Pets From Dangerous Ticks In Tucson Ticks are well-established in the Tucson area. Three species are common here, and one is a major concern. The brown dog tic…
termite treatment in Tucson

Termite Treatment Tucson

It is not uncommon for one colony to have over 100,000 termites! Tucson has Subterranean and Drywood Termites. They can and will penetrate any type of house over time regardless of how it is bu…
spider control in tucson

Spider Control

Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Tucson Home In Arizona, there are plenty of spiders, but two species are of particular concern. Arizona brown spiders and black widows are both active in Tucson…
scorpion control services in Tucson

What Attracts Scorpions To Your House?

Why are Scorpions Attracted To Your House? While scorpions are commonly associated with dry and isolated climates, they can infest your home if you fail to take the necessary protective me…
rodent control in Tucson

Rodent Control

Rodents have been in existence for a very long time and come in many different types. All of them are linked to various plagues and disease outbreaks in human history. Gaining their origin in Asi…
Pigeon Control in Tucson

How To Get Rid Of Pigeons

Get Rid Of Pigeons – For Good Getting rid of pigeons on your own isn’t easy. These pest birds have an inbred homing instinct that makes them feel attached to their established roosting and nest…

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