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termite control

Dealing with Termites: A Homeowner’s Guide

As a homeowner, the thought of termites infiltrating your sanctuary can be distressing. These silent destroyers can cause extensive damage to your home, often without being detected until it’s too…

How to Prevent Roof Rats and Pack Rats in Your Home

When it comes to unwelcome guests in your home, rodents like roof rats and pack rats are high on the list of pests you’d rather live without. These cunning critters can cause damage to your proper…
plants and pest

The Role of Native Plants in Pest Control

As we strive for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to agricultural challenges, the spotlight is increasingly turning towards the inherent capabilities of native plants in pest control. Harnes…
yellow scorpion common in tucson

Are Scorpions a Problem in Your Tucson Home? How to Deal with Them

Tucson, AZ, boasts a unique desert environment and diverse wildlife, including scorpions. These arachnids play a crucial role in the local ecosystem but can become a genuine concern when infiltrat…
home pest control services in cataline foothills

Best Pest Control Companies In Tucson, Arizona Of 2023

A serious pest infestation is a nightmare come to life for homeowners. Especially if the pest infestation has been rampant for some time, it can prove difficult to treat your home without a pr…
scorpion control services in tucson

Monsoon Season and Pest Control: Tips for Keeping Bugs at Bay

Monsoon season in Tucson is a beautiful yet challenging time of the year. The welcome relief from the scorching heat comes with heavy rains, cooler evenings, and lush green landscapes. However, mo…