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information about termites in Tucson

Termite Identification

Termites What are termites? Termites are well-known to home and business owners because of the structural damage they can cause with their feeding habits. A nightmare for home and b…
information about stinging insects in Tucson

Stinging Insect Identification

Stinging Insects What are stinging insects? Stinging insects are pests that are both harmful and helpful. These insects help to pollinate the trees, flowers, and crops that help peo…
information on spiders in Tucson

Spider Identification

Spiders What are spiders? Spiders are those eight-legged arachnids that most Arizona home and business owners would rather not have lurking around their properties. While most speci…
information on scorpions in Tucson

Scorpion Identification

Scorpions What are scorpions? Like spiders, scorpions are arachnids. These arachnids are predators, which means they feed on other living things. Their primary food sources are inse…
rodent control in Tucson

Rodent Identification

Rodents What are rodents? When most people hear the word “rodent,” their minds go right to a mouse or rat because mice and rats are the two most common rodent species to invade resi…
information on pigoens in Tucson

Pigeon Identification

Pigeons What are pigeons? Pigeons are a huge cause of concern for home and business owners and are known as the “rodents” of the bird world because, like mice and rats, they have co…

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