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Tips to Prevent Scorpion Stings In Your Home

Do you need a scorpion exterminator? Approximately 50,000 people seek emergency room treatment from insect bites and scorpion stings. Scorpions can cause a painful sting that can raise your blood pressure. Hiring a scorpion exterminator can help reduce the possibility of getting stung. Here are tips on how to prevent scorpion stings in your home. Seal All Potential Points of Entry Scorpions are highly skilled at being able to squeeze through the smallest cracks and gaps. Seal exterior crevices...

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3 Things to Know When You Have an Infestation in Your Home

If there is one thing that homeowners want to avoid at all costs, it’s needing to find an exterminator. After all, it means that your home is having an issue with rodents or insects. Either way, they’re a major issue that needs to be taken care of by a professional. For instance, if your home has a cockroach infestation, you may be tempted to try and kill them yourself, but a cockroach can live for five days without its head and the only reason it dies is due to dehydration. You don’t want...

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Low or No Chemicals

LON-C is our approach to solving pest problems.   Following this 7 step process, we believe, is the best way to approach pest problems. If a low impact plan works, we will use it. We also value escalation when appropriate and necessary. Step 1- Create a plan based on knowledge. Know the pests in your neighborhood and their biology. After we do conventional research about pests and their behavior, we will use technology to predict pest activity and movement.   Neighborhood centric data including...

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5 Important Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Pest Control

The most common pests in Arizona are also among the most destructive. For example, every year, termites cause $5 billion worth of damages in the United States. Rodents gnaw through insulation, wires, walls, and attics, potentially causing fire hazards and structural damage to your home. Bed bugs cause health problems, like infection and severe allergic reactions. Plus, in many cases, homeowners have no choice but to discard bedding, curtains, clothing, and other items that are infested with bed...

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Arizona Bark Scorpion

Dealing with Arizona Bark Scorpions Call Today Arizona is home to dozens of species of scorpions. Scorpions are a natural part of the Sonoran Desert biome. All scorpions are venomous. They use venom to capture their prey. However, not all scorpions have venom that is harmful to humans. The scorpion common to Arizona that has a rather potent venom is the Arizona bark scorpion. Typically, the effect of a scorpion sting ranges from mildly annoying to extremely painful with longer-lasting effects....

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What attracts termites?

What attracts termites? Termites are attracted to moist and wet climates; they can be attracted to leaking pipes, very moist soil, broken faucets, decaying wood, etc. Termites are also attracted to lumber, newspaper, and other materials high in cellulose. By eliminating these variables around your home, you can substantially cut down on the odds of termite infestation. Termites are considered a eusocial insect classified as the taxonomic rank of infraorder isoptera. In simpler terms, termites...

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What attracts cockroaches in your home?

Cockroaches are attracted to food and moisture, if you have standing water or easy access points around your home, cockroaches will take advantage. The best way to eliminate cockroaches is by sealing off any cracks or leaks in your home, disposing of and storing your food correctly, using lavender essential oil, and cleaning your home every week. Your home location is also important if none of the above solutions work, contact a professional exterminator. Nobody likes dealing with pesky roaches...

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What attracts scorpions in your house?

What attracts scorpions to your house? TLDR: While scorpions are commonly associated with dry and isolated climates, they can infest your home if you fail to take the necessary protective measures. Scorpions are attracted to flies and small insects because this is their primary source of food and prey. You can avoid your home becoming a magnet for scorpions by making sure you clean up any loose debris that may be lying around.  When most people think of scorpions, images of deserts and snake...

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Do mice leave on their own?

Do mice leave on their own? TLDR: Mice infestations inside your home can really ruin your personal space’s overall comfort and security. Mice can make their way into your home through a variety of means, such as your roof, cracks in your wall, and other areas. Contrary to popular belief, mice do not leave on their own, and in order to successfully rid your home of them, you will need to contact a professional pest control company. Dealing with a mice infestation inside of your home is...

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Why do I have mice in my house?

Why do I have mice in my house? TLDR: Mice are attracted to food, not dirty houses, so if you have mice in your home, don’t take it personally. Mice can make their way into your home through small holes, cracks, and even by means of the roof. Common signs that mice are in your home include gnawed holes, droppings, and scratching sounds. If you notice any of these signs, use mouse traps or bait pads to get rid of them. To ensure optimal results, contact a professional pest control company...

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